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The Writing Center Can Help!


Is a writing project giving you writer's cramp?
Are you struggling to get around a writer's block?
Did your teacher ask you to revise and revise again?

The Writing Center is located in room B3 of the Al Harris Library. 

Students working on papers, speeches, or presentations may stop by and see a Writing Center consultant.

International students and other non-native speakers of English are always welcome at the Writing Center.

Summer 2020 Hours

Hours run from Monday, June 8, until Wednesday, July 22.

Special hours will be posted for finals.

Hours are subject to change as the semester progresses.

Day Session Hours
Sunday 5-9 pm (Arianna)
Monday 10 am-12 pm (Lauren) & 5-9 pm (Arianna)
Tuesday 10 am-4 pm (Lauren)
Wednesday 10 am-4 pm (Lauren) & 5-9 pm (Arianna)
Thursday 10 am-4 pm (Lauren) & 5-9 pm (Arianna)
Friday  Closed

We are online for summer!

You can find Lauren & Arianna on Upswing ( at their available times or email a draft to for feedback.

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