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Drug-Free Workplace and Schools

Southwestern Oklahoma State University recognizes its responsibility as an educational and public service institution to promote a safe and productive educational and work environment. This responsibility demands implementation of programs and services which facilitate that effort. Southwestern supports federal laws requiring the establishment of antidrug programs which prohibit the use of illegal drugs in the schools and the workplace. Toward this goal, the University has implemented the following policies:

  • Students and employees are required to abide by the terms of the Drug-Free Schools and Drug-Free Workplace Policies as a condition of enrollment and/or employment.
  • Illegal manufacture, distribution, possession or use of illegal drugs on university property is strictly prohibited.
  • A violation of the policy is to be considered a major offense that can result in immediate expulsion for students, termination of employment or require satisfactory participation in a drug rehabilitation program. A criminal conviction is not required for sanctions to be imposed upon an individual for violation of this policy.
  • Employees are required to notify their supervisors of a criminal conviction for drug-related offenses occurring in the workplace no later than five days following the conviction. Students are required to notify the Dean of Students of such a conviction on university property within the same time frame.
  • Students and employees are provided access to the University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP), counseling and training programs which are designed to inform individuals about the dangers of drug abuse. Voluntary participation in or supervisory referrals to the Employee Assistance Program are on a confidential basis.
  • Students and employees are forbidden from performing sensitive safety functions while a prohibited drug is in their system.
  • Drug testing is mandated for sensitive safety positions prior to employment when there is reasonable cause, after an accident, on a random basis, and before returning to duty after refusing to take a drug test or after not passing a drug test. (Sensitive safety employees are defined in CFR Volume 32, Part 280 and CFR Volume 49 Part 653.) This legislation is available for review in the Human Resources Office.

All students, faculty and staff receive a copy of this policy annually.