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Business Reply Format

Refer to the diagram below for the following.

  1. No postage necessary if mailed in the United States must be printed in the upper right corner and extend no more than 1 1/3 inches from the right edge.
  2. Print the Business Reply Mail legend in a rectangle above the address in capital letters at 3/16 inch high.
  3. Print FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO. 03 WEATHERFORD, OK in capital letters immediately below the Business Reply Mail legend in the rectangle.
  4. Print POSTAGE WILL BE PAID BY ADDRESSEE beneath the line with the permit number.
  5. Print the department name and SWOSU address directly on the envelope.
  6. The horizontal bars use to identify BRM must be uniform in length, at least 1 inch long, 1/6 inch to 3/16 inch thick and evenly spaced. Print the column of bars immediately below the "NO POSTAGE..." endorsement but not below the delivery address line.
  7. Facing Identification Mark (FIM) is a bar pattern which functions as an orientation mark for postal equipment. The specifications and the camera-ready positives used to print the FIM are available from Postal Service Business centers. A FIM clear zone in the upper right of the address side of the mail piece must be maintained and must contain no printing other than the FIM. The boundaries are:
    • Left: 3 inches from the right edge of the piece
    • Right: 1 3/4 inches from the right edge of the piece
    • Top: top edge of the piece
    • Bottom: 5/8 inch from the top edge of the piece