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Scholarly and Academic Activity Report

Office of Sponsored Programs

The purpose of the form for reporting scholarly and academic activity is to compile a report to be distributed to university and state officials, and to act as an archive of such activities on campus. You may also choose to make your scholarly work accessible on the web (or not) through Digital Commons.

This form will report your scholarly or creative activity to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and send your work to the library to be added to Digital Commons, SWOSU’s institutional repository (if you choose). Documents or books pertaining to these activities should be submitted in Microsoft Office, Postscript, or PDF format, in electronic version if available. On the form you should indicate if any publisher embargo (or copyright block) is known.  If so, please indicate which publisher is responsible for the embargo or copyright block. Information pertaining to the author’s activity will NOT be placed in the library’s digital repository without the consent of the author.

For more information concerning the Al Harris Library’s Digital Commons, please contact the Reference and Digitization Librarian, Phillip Fitzsimmons.

Digital Commons at the Al Harris Library was created in accordance with Faculty Senate Resolution (March 2010): To enhance digitalization of and remote access to SWOSU scholarly activities.

FS Motion 2010-3-03: A motion is made that the Faculty Senate support and endorse the Al Harris Library's creation of an online academic digital repository of scholarly articles authored by SWOSU faculty and students. The academic digital repository will make these scholarly articles freely accessible via the Internet, to the extent such access is permitted by copyright law and publisher embargo.  

Further, the Faculty Senate endorses these specific goals of the online academic digital repository:

  • To increase the visibility and influence of scholarly articles authored by SWOSU faculty and students;
  • To preserve and document the scholarly efforts of SWOSU faculty and students; and,
  • To support effective scholarly communication by removing barriers of cost that hinder wider dissemination of scholarly articles.

Scholarly Activity and Academic Activity Report