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Grading System

A grade is given as recognition of level of accomplishment in a course and is to be interpreted as follows:

A — (4.0) – Excellent
B — (3.0) 
C — (2.0) – Below Average
D — (1.0) – Not acceptable toward a degree
F — (0.0) – Failure
S — (0.0) – Satisfactory
U — (0.0) – Unsatisfactory

Grades of Incomplete

An incomplete grade may be used at the instructor's discretion to indicate that additional work is necessary to complete a course. To receive an "I" grade, the student should have satisfactorily completed a substantial portion of the required coursework for the semester. The time limit to satisfy the "I" will be at the discretion of the instructor. "I" grades not changed by the instructor to a credit-bearing grade or an "F" within the specified time limit will remain as a permanent "I" and not contribute to the student's GPA.

Withdrawal from a Course

Students may withdraw during the first eleven (11) weeks of class work in a regular semester or during the first four weeks of class in a summer semester and receive a grade of "W." Students may also withdraw officially any time prior to and including Friday of the week before final examinations begin and receive a "W" for courses in which they are doing passing work. Students who withdraw from a course in which they are failing will receive an "F" if the withdrawal occurs during the last five weeks of a regular semester or the last four weeks of a summer semester. Students who leave school without officially withdrawing will receive grades of "F" for courses in which they were enrolled. A grade of "W" has no effect on a student's grade point average.

Repeated Courses

When a course is repeated, both grades are used in computing the grade point average, but only one course may be applied toward degree requirements.

Course Numbering

5000 level Business courses may be taken only by M.B.A. graduate students. Courses at the 3000 and 4000 level, which are identified by an asterisk in the class schedule, are dual enrollment courses open to most graduate and upper-division undergraduate students. The courses may be used to meet requirements of a graduate degree if part of an approved program. The student must indicate at the time of enrollment if s/he wants a course for graduate credit. Members of the faculty differentiate between the work of graduate and undergraduate students in 3000 and 4000 level courses. Courses completed for undergraduate credit may not be repeated for graduate credit nor can the same class count toward undergraduate and graduate requirements.