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Grant Funding: Vacation Leave Policy

Section I


University policy requires that all employees whose positions are funded with grant or contract moneys must have vacation leave funded within the grant. University funds will not be used to pay for unused vacation leave upon resignation, retirement of the employee, or upon the termination of grant funding. Essentially employees are requested to take leave within the funding cycle of the grant. If an employee does not take all their leave, they forfeit the right for vacation leave payment at the end of the funding period. This does not prevent employees from carryover and using vacation in future periods funded by the grant.

Section II


All new grants and contracts will follow this policy immediately.

Grants or contracts that are currently funded will have a phase-in of the policy. All unused vacation leave that is accumulated as of June 30, 1995, that is not used prior to separation for any reason or grant termination will be considered as payable under existing rules. All future leave earnings will be subject to this new policy.