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Transfer Students Policy

Welcome to Southwestern Oklahoma State University!

We’re glad you’re here and hope you enjoy being a Bulldog.

Some basic things to remember:

  1. Financial aid does not actually transfer between schools. 
    Although you’ve moved, your aid doesn’t. You must establish financial aid eligibility at SWOSU by completing your SWOSU financial aid file separately from any paperwork you have done with your former school.
  2. Notify your former school about your transfer.
    If they scheduled aid for you, they will need to cancel any remaining money in order for you to get aid here at Southwestern.
  3. Transfer Scholarships and Continuing Tuition Waivers are available for Oklahoma Residents and Non Residents.
    Transfer Scholarships for qualifying Oklahoma Residents and Non Residents are available if sufficient funding is available. Application information is available on the Student Financial Services Forms webpage. Students transferring to SWOSU for the fall semester should apply by the May 15th deadline. Students transferring to SWOSU for the spring semester may apply by the December 15th deadline. Transcript deadlines are June 15th fall and January 15th for spring. Oklahoma resident students transferring to SWOSU in the fall may be considered for the Continuing Student Scholarship for the next academic year.
  4. All transfer students are awarded aid at Southwestern after submitting all prior transcripts.
    This is required by our federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy. Please submit all transcripts for prior work attempted at previous schools. When the registrar has put these hours online, your eligibility for aid can be determined by the financial aid office. Please refer to the SWOSU SAP Policy to determine the required GPA based on your prior hours attempted. If you accept a student loan, you will need to complete an Entrance Interview here at SWOSU even if you have done this before.
  5. Notify the financial aid office when all transcripts are online in the Academic Records’s office.
    Students who are transferring to SWOSU should contact the Office of Student Financial Services when all transcripts are recorded through the registrar’s office. Satisfactory Academic Progress will be determined at that time. This will also determine the grade level that will be used for awarding.