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Engineering Technology Certification Exams


The first week of November during the fall semester, and the first week of April during the spring semester, Engineering Technology Certification Exams (ATMAE, ETA, SME) will be available at the Assessment & Testing Center located at 1001 N. 7th in Weatherford. To register and pay applicable fees, please access the link below:

Re-testing will be available at least 30 days after the first attempt. To register for re-testing and to pay applicable fees, please access the same link above.

On Test Day

  1. All belongings such as a backpack, cell phone and watches must be turned off and stored in a locker.
  2. When you finish your exam, write your score on the paper you received when you entered the room.
  3. Print your screen if you wish. The information will be a good way to know what you need to study in the future.
  4. Leave the testing room quietly since other people will still be testing.
  5. Gather your belongings from your locker before leaving the Testing Center.
  6. Leave the borrowed fundamentals or electronics textbooks with the Assessment Center or with the Engineering Department chair after all testing or re-testing. 
  7. If you want to re-test, let the Engineering Department chair know by (Nov. 15th / April 15th).
  8. The SME exam will start first since it is a three-hour exam and the others are two-hour exams.