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Assessment Committee

  • Marla Pankratz,Chair (CPGS)
  • Bo Pagliasotti (General Education Committee Chair)
  • Kelley Logan (Department of Language & Literature Chair)
  • Thomas McNamara (Department of Mathematics Chair)
  • Joshua Engle (Dean of Students)
  • Jan Kliewer (Director of Assessment)
  • Cathy Baker (Sayre Assessment)
  • Natalie Kinder (SGA President)
  • David Martyn(CAS)
  • Karen Sweeney (CPGS)
  • Brian Rickel(CPGS)
  • Sarah Ramsey(COP)
  • Student:
  • Associate Provost Dr. Joel Kendall, Ex-Officio
  • CETL Director Lisa Friesen. Ex-Officio
  • CETL TLC Dr. Mapopa Sanga, Ex-Officio

Contact Person

Jan Kliewer

Phone: 580.774.3084

Fax: 580.774.7094


Assessment Executive Summary Plan

Assessment Resources