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Medical Terminology Challenge Exam

(Advanced Standing Exam)

2453 Medical Terminology

The Medical Terminology Challenge Exam is available as an advanced standing exam. Students will have two hours to complete the exam, which includes 200 questions. A minimum score of 70 percent (140/200) is required for passing. Students who pass the exam may receive credit on their SWOSU transcript for the 2453 Medical Terminology course. The test may be taken at the SWOSU Assessment Center (1001 N. 7th St. inside the Assessment building), or it may be proctored at another College/University (proctoring fees are the responsibility of the student).


The challenge exam is designed to provide those students who have a background in Medical Terminology a mechanism to show proficiency by demonstrating ability to accomplish the following:

  1. Translate the meaning of complex medical terms via the analysis of simpler components.
  2. Use a medical word building system to write medical terms.
  3. Choose applicable terminologies based on pathology, surgical operations, and diagnostic procedures related to specific body systems.
  4. Describe terminologies associated with the various medical, dental, ophthalmologic and other allied health disciplines.
  5. Spell medical terms with a high degree of accuracy.
  6. Pronounce medical terms correctly and recognize that some terms have more than one acceptable pronunciation.
  7. Relate an understanding of the basic principles of human anatomy and physiology, and apply this understanding to the use of appropriate medical terms.
  8. Translate the meaning of common medical abbreviations.
  9. Relate knowledge of the principal terms used in pharmacology.
  10. Categorize medical terms as anatomical, diagnostic, radiological, surgical or therapeutic.


The student should have knowledge of the various medical "word parts" (i.e., prefixes, suffixes and word roots) which are combined to build medical terms.


Please consult with Allied Health Sciences (580.774.3249) for the current textbook.


Students who pass this test may be awarded credit on their SWOSU transcript after completing a minimum of 12 regular hours at SWOSU.No re-testing is allowed.

Major Program Acceptance

Successful challenge of 2453 Medical Terminology is currently recognized by the SWOSU majors of nursing, health information management, health care administration, athletic training, occupational therapy assistant, and physical therapist assistant. Students transferring to other institutions should be aware that other institutions may or may not accept the challenge credit.

Sample questions may be requested by e-mailing:


  • $40 Testing Fee (There is no refund for "no shows" or for rescheduling with less than 24-hours notice.
  • $15 Advanced Standing Fee is due before credit will appear on your SWOSU transcript (non-refundable).
  • Proctoring fees required by another College/University are the responsibility of the student.

Register and pay the $40 testing fee at the following link:

When you are ready to take the test, please follow these procedures:

  1. Decide where you are taking the test:
    1. SWOSU Assessment Center
    2. SWOSU @ Sayre
    3. Another college/university testing center (contact information will be required).
  2. Register and pay the $40 testing fee as described above.
  3. Schedule a two-hour testing appointment.
  4. Contact the SWOSU Assessment Center (580.774.7084) with information to setup the test:
  • SWOSU e-mail
  • Testing location (contact information, proctor name, phone number, e-mail)
  • Appointment date/time
  1. At your testing appointment:
  • You will need to login to Canvas
  • Click Courses
  • Click Medical Terminology Challenge Exam Auxiliary Course
  • Click Take the Quiz
  • Proctor will need to enter an Access Code
  • If you pass the exam with a 70 percent you will need to pay the $15 advanced credit fee in order for 2453 Medical Terminology credit to be placed on your transcript with a grade of “S” for Satisfactory. (Credit will appear on your SWOSU transcript after completing a minimum of 12 regular hours at SWOSU.) This credit will not count in overall total semester hours or GPA but may meet programmatic requirements.

The $15 fee will also be paid at the following link:

Medical Terminology Sample Questions

1. Interpret medical terms based on knowledge of medical word building utilizing common definitions for prefixes, word roots, and suffixes.

1A. Inflammation of the throat is
  1. laryngitis
  2. otitis
  3. pharyngitis
  4. rhinitis
1B. Excision of a portion of the bladder
  1. cystectomy
  2. nephrectomy
  3. renectomy
  4. vesicectomy

2. Recognize the meaning of common medical terms, which is not built on a word building framework.

2A. The term for congenital, incomplete expansion of the lung or portion of the lung is
  1. atelectasis
  2. emphysema
  3. pneumogenesis
  4. pulmonary aplasia
2B. The medical term for chickenpox is
  1. coryza
  2. herpes zoster
  3. pertussis
  4. varicella

3. Recognize appropriate, acceptable spelling of medical terms.

3A. Which of the following terms is misspelled?
  1. anorchidism
  2. hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy
  3. menorrhagia
  4. ostioarthritis
3B. Which of the following terms is spelled correctly?
  1. antinflammatory
  2. condrocostal
  3. coccgectomy
  4. tarsoptosis

4. Know the meaning of various eponyms used in Medical Terminology.

4A. Which of the following is another name for amyotropic lateralizing sclerosis?
  1. Addison’s Disease
  2. Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Lou Gehrig’s Disease
  4. Tay-Sachs Disease
4B. Which of the following is a congenital sac or blind pouch sometimes found in the lower portion of the ileum?
  1. Crohn’s Disease
  2. Hanson’s Disease
  3. Huntington’s Chorea
  4. Meckel’s Diverticulum

5. Be familiar with common abbreviations and acronyms used in healthcare.

5A. Which of the following has to do with the musculoskeletal system?
  1. ADH
  2. GERD
  3. LMP
  4. TENS
5B. Which of the following is a laboratory test?
  1. EGD
  2. HDN
  3. PTT
  4. STD


1A:C, 1B:A, 2A:A, 2B:D, 3A:D, 3B:D, 4A:C, 4B:D, 5A:D, 5B: C