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Nursing, RN to BSN Admission

If you want to apply for admissions into the RN to BSN program at Southwestern, but did not graduate from an ACEN or CCNE accredited program, you must pass the following tests:

National League For Nursing

Testing Fee

Time Limit

NACE ll Care of Adult Client $65 4 hours
NACE II Care of Child $35 2 hours
NACE II Care of Childbearing Family $35 2 hours
NACE II Care of Client with a Mental Disorder $65 2 hours

In addition to the NLN test fee, there is a SWOSU administrative fee of $20 (for up to four tests) when taken at the SWOSU Assessment & Testing Center. Please register and pay at the following website:

After paying all test fees, please following the procedure below.


  1. Create an account at the following website:
  2. After paying the SWOSU administrative fee of $20, call the Southwestern Assessment Center to make a testing appointment at 580.774.7184. This should be done at least one week in advance.
  3. Register for the exam within your account. The name of the Exam Session is usually the date of the exam plus a portion of the test name (Adult, Child, Childbearing or Mental Disorder). The session name may not be available until 24 hours after making the testing appointment.
  4. Testing location: SWOSU Assessment Center 1001 N. 7th St. in Weatherford (inside the Assessment building)
  5. Arrive for your appointment with:
    • Valid Photo ID (driver’s license or SWOSU ID)
    • Calculator (please check the list of prohibited calculators below)
  6. Test results will be submitted to Southwestern faculty in the School of Nursing.
  7. If you test at an alternate location, submit an official copy of your score to your Southwestern faculty advisor.


  1. Please note that once you have applied to take an exam, the application fee, cost for the exam, and fees associated with score reports are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  2. There is NO REFUND for SWOSU Administrative Fees unless your appointment is canceled or rescheduled with at least one-week’s notice. Rescheduling with less than one-week’s notice will require additional Administrative fees.
  3. Score requirement:  70 percent on all four tests
  4. All four tests should be completed and passed within a calendar year (January – December).
  5. You are allowed three attempts per test per calendar year.
  6. There is a three-month waiting period between attempts per test.

Prohibited Calculators

TI (Texas Instruments)

  • TI-89 OR TI-92
  • TI-Nspire CAS (the TI-Nspire non-CAS is permitted)

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

  • HP Prime
  • HP 48GII
  • HP 40G OR HP 49G OR HP 50G


  • Algebra fx 2.0
  • ClassPad 300, 330, & 400
  • CFX-9970G
  • fx-CP400 (Class Pad 400)


  • Handheld, tablet, or laptop computers, including PDAs
  • Electronic writing pads or pen-input devices-The Sharp EL 9600 is permitted
  • Calculators built into cell phones or any other electronic communication devices
  • Calculators with a typewriter keypad.
  • Calculators with paper tape (use but remove tape)
  • Calculators that make noise (use but turn off the sound)
  • Calculators with infrared data port (cover the port)
  • Calculators with power cords (remove power cords)