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Testing Admission Procedures

Assessment Center testing admission procedures may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Checking photo identification.
  2. Taking care of personal belongings (Assessment Center staff is not responsible for lost or damaged items)
  3. Return them to your vehicle.
  4. Place them in a locker at the Assessment Center.
  5. Turning off cell phones before storing.
  6. Logging in and out either electronically or via paper/pencil log sheet.
  7. Complying with testing regulations via signature (electronically and/or paper/pencil).
  8. Taking a photo.
  9. Raising sleeves to the elbow for visual inspection.
  10. Raising slacks/pants leg above the ankles for visual inspection.
  11. Removal and/or inspection of accessories such as belt, scarf, vest, jewelry, head/hair piece, etc. (Some items may be replaced, but some items must be stored with personal belongings.)
  12. Showing the cloth of your pockets.
  13. Tattoo inspection.
  14. Jacket and hoodie inspection if allowed in testing room.
  15. Patting down yourself.
  16. Being scanned with a metal detector wand.