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Campus Security Authorities

The Clery Act requires the following offices/persons to report crimes received from any reporting party.

Department Phone Number
President 580.774.3766
Executive Vice President 580.774.3000
Vice President for Academic Affairs 580.774.3771
Vice President for Student Affairs 580.774.7172
Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing 580.774.3063
Law Enforcement/Full Time and Reserve 580.774.3111
Dean/Chairs of Departments 580.774.6611
Human Resource Department 580.774.3275
Dean of Students 580.774.3767
Counseling/Nursing Services 580.774.3776
Athletic Director/Coaches 580.774.3701
Director of Housing//Housing Coordinator/Resident Assistant 580.774.3024
SGA President 580.774.0615
President/Leaders to Student Organizations 580.774.3767
Director of International Program 580.774.6172