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Report a Crime

On Campus

Contact SWOSU Campus Police at ext. 3111 or 580.774.3111 (non-emergencies), or dial 911 (emergencies only). Any suspicious activity or person seen in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles, inside buildings or around the Residential Halls should be reported to the SWOSU Campus Police. In addition, you may report a crime to the following areas:

Title Phone Number
Executive Vice President 580.774.3000
 Vice President for Academic Affairs 580.774.3771
Vice President for Student Affairs 580.774.7172
Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing 580.774.3063
Dean of Students 580.774.3767
Counseling/Nursing Services 580.774.3776
Director of Residence Life 580.774.3024

Off Campus

For off-campus options you may call the Weatherford Police Department at 580.772-7791. SWOSU Campus Police and the Weatherford Police Department have a mutual aid and working agreement. Each department augments the other within their jurisdictions during mutual investigations, arrest, and prosecutions. SWOSU Campus Police personnel attend regular meetings with local law enforcement agencies to exchange ideas and problems which may be of concern for the University community.

Dispatchers are available at these respective telephone numbers 24 hours a day to answer your call. In response to a call, SWOSU Campus Police or the Weatherford Police Department will take the required action, dispatching an officer, or asking the victim to report to SWOSU Campus Police to file an incident report.

All SWOSU Campus Police incident reports are forwarded to the Dean of Students office for review and potential action by the Office of Student Judicial Services. Investigators will investigate a report when it is deemed appropriate. Additional information obtained via the investigation will also be forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs.

If assistance is required from the Weatherford Police Department, SWOSU Campus Police will contact the appropriate unit. If a sexual assault or rape should occur, staff on the scene, including SWOSU Campus Police, will offer the victim a wide variety of services. Weatherford Police Department/county sheriff’s office has a Sexual Assault Crisis Consultation Team that has trained members who are available to assist a victim 24 hours per day.

Crimes should be reported to the SWOSU Campus Police to ensure inclusion in the annual crime statistics and to aid in providing timely warning notices to the community, when appropriate. For example, a crime that was reported only to the Rape Crisis Center would not be included in the SWOSU Campus Police crime statistics.