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Entrance/Exit Counseling

Borrowing student loans is serious business. Although loans can be great in helping you attend college, these legal obligations can also become quite a burden during repayment. We don't want you to borrow loans without understanding the responsibility. Neither does the federal government who requires Entrance Counseling be completed before you can receive any loans.

Entrance Counseling helps show your rights and responsibilities regarding borrowing. It is a good idea to do this even before accepting a student loan. You can complete this requirement by choosing the Entrance Counseling link below. But do it early. You can't receive student loan money without it, even if done before at another institution. And you don't want to take on debt without knowing how it works.

When you are leaving college you will complete an Exit Counseling. This will remind you of your rights, responsibilities and options to help you successfully manage your student loans. It too can be completed on-line by choosing the Exit Counseling link below.

We want to help you understand the process. So regardless of which method you use, if you have loan questions please contact us by phone at 580.774.3789 or come by and visit us in the Gen. Thomas P. Stafford Center, Room 224. We are eager to help you.