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Stafford Entrance Counseling

Federal regulations require all students to complete a Stafford Entrance Counseling session before receiving the first disbursement of their Federal Stafford Loan.

Weatherford students may contact our Loan Counselor, April Barron, with any questions or concerns that you may have at 580.774.3022. Sayre students may contact Ron Kistler in the SWOSU-Sayre financial aid office at 580.928.5533.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University requires 6 credit hours for a student to be considered half-time in undergraduate studies. Graduated student are required to be enrolled in 5 credit hours to be considered half-time.

Students who need to withdraw should contact the Office of the Academic Records to make official notification to the university.

The average undergraduate debt for SWOSU borrowers is $18,636.

The following are average Stafford Loan amounts borrowed by class for 2007.




Weatherford Campus:

Freshman:      $2,715 $3,039
Sophomore: $3,132 $3,290
Junior:  $3,785    $3,960
Senior:   $3,933   $4,912
Graduate 1st Year $6,595  $7,801
Graduate 2nd Year $7,006 $7,226

Sayre Remote Location:

Freshman:   $2,798  $3,160
Sophomore:   $3,331 $3,859


Direct Loan Entrance Counseling and Promissory notes may be completed at any time at