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About SGA

What does SGA do?

SGA acts as the governing body for SWOSU students. Student senators bring thoughts and ideas to weekly senate meetings where they convene with their respective cabinets. Through legislation, campus improvements, special projects, and more, we strive to represent the student body well.

How do I join?          

Filing to be a senator begins in August. Look for sign ups around campus or contact an officer or cabinet member to express your interest. Once you have registered, campaigning begins within your academic college (Associate & Applied Programs, Arts & Sciences, College of Professional & Graduate Studies, or Pharmacy).

What is the time commitment?

SGA senate meetings take place once a week, and they usually last anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. Extra events such as Battle of the Bulldogs, Relay for Life, and volunteering at the Organization Fair will take time, but these events are not mandatory. The amount of time that you choose to commit to SGA will be up to you!

What campus improvements has SGA invested in?

Some recent changes to campus that SGA is responsible for include the hammock lounge on the Student Union lawn and the pergola constructed near the Stafford Building.

How can my voice be heard if I am not a senator?

SGA elected officers (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) have scheduled office hours. Please stop by our office on the north side of the Student Union; we would love to talk!