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SGA Welcome Letter

Howdy Dawg, 

I would like to begin by welcoming you to the hilltop! Whether you are a returning student transfer student, or a new dawg, I am excited to have you here! This is the beginning or continuance of what is considered one of the most important chapters in your life! This chapter can be whatever you want it to be, which is the best part about higher ed! If you are an incoming freshman and you’re nervous, scared, or confused about what to do, don’t fret because everyone has been in the same boat. The faculty, staff and administration on campus genuinely care about you and want nothing more than to help you! As a 4th year student, I still don’t know everything myself and that’s okay! 

A piece of advice that I have to offer is this: Be confident in yourself! Become involved and enjoy the things happening around you! If you don’t put yourself out there and meet people, you will be miserable. Life is what you make it, so make it fun! Go to events, talk to strangers (within reason), and be yourself! With SWOSU housing over 100 student-led clubs and organizations there is something for everyone! We have intramural sports (for athletes,) and if you are an adrenaline junkie be involved in scuba club or even try rock climbing at the wellness! Creating connections in the early college years is crucial for future career opportunities! 

Here at SWOSU we take pride in our motto “The Focus is You.” By providing a ton of resources available for all students, this campus promotes the wellbeing of everyone. Life is going on around you outside of college and things can happen. I am a firm believer of mental health being the number one priority, especially in a college student’s life. Take a walk on our beautiful campus, go to the wellness center to destress, or do something as simple as listening to music. By taking a break for just 5 minutes you will find that it helps tremendously in the midst of all the madness. 

The SWOSU and Weatherford community is excited to welcome you with open arms. One of the marvelous things about this little town is the hospitality! Businesses from around Weatherford are more than happy to support clubs and organizations and offer tons of scholarships for events! I don't know about you, but I want to be in a school that is supported by those around us! 

We, the Student Government Association, pride in being your voice and advocates! I want to be your support system, whether it is help with homework, someone to talk to, or be your resource for change! If you see me or any other SGA member don't be afraid to talk to us, even if it is just to say hello! We have our positions because we want to help you and be there for you! 

I take pride in being a Dawg and you should too! GO DAWGS! 

Franky Acuna, President
Student Government Association