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May 3, 2022

0 -Known Active Student Cases on the Weatherford campus
0 - Known Active Student Cases at the Sayre remote location
0 - Known Active Employee Cases for Weatherford Campus and the Sayre remote location

*Not all cases are on campus or in Weatherford/Sayre. Once a student or employee is identified as an active case, campus officials follow CDC and university protocol in advising the student or employee to isolate for the recommended number of days.  The State Department of Health tracks official numbers of cases in Weatherford/Sayre and the surrounding area on the State Department of Health’s COVID-19 website.

  • Both Walgreens and Walmart in Weatherford offer walk-in service for everyone but prefer appointments. Online appointments can be made at any Walgreens and Walmart in the state.
  • The Custer County Health Department does both testing and vaccinations for anyone, but appointments are needed and greatly encouraged. Please call 580.772.6417 in Weatherford and 580.323.2100 in Clinton to set up appointments. Both sites—220 N. Bradley Street in Weatherford and 3030 Custer Avenue in Clinton—can do appointments 8-12 and 1-5. Both sites can take vaccination appointments through for their weekly pods—Mondays in Clinton and Fridays in Weatherford.

The student goes to the online reporting form to report the positive test result to the Dean of Students. The student will then receive an email from the Dean detailing instructions for the student and a date for when the student can return to class.

The student can visit the CDC guidelines for exposure for guidance on how to progress, depending on whether or not the student is vaccinated. The student stays in contact with professors to keep up with coursework in the event that, by following CDC guidelines, the student misses multiple class times.

If you test positive or are exposed to someone with COVID, you should follow your doctor’s guidance and/or CDC guidance on missing work and contact your supervisor. Please DO NOT come to work if you are feeling ill or experiencing flu-like symptoms. Please coordinate your return to campus with your supervisor.