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Dean of Students

Welcome to the Dean of Students office

The Dean of Students supports campus by encouraging a healthy and responsible student culture at Southwestern Oklahoma State University by assisting students with disabilities, fostering leadership and accountability, and supporting students during a crisis.

SWOSU is a wonderful campus environment that places students at the center of its focus. Students needing support and guidance are welcomed to the Dean of Students office.


Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to submit a report to the Dean of Students if they have concern for the wellbeing of someone on campus. Concerning, risky, or violent behaviors displayed by students may be reported using this form.

Bias/Hate Crime

Incidents of bias and/or hate may be reported to the Dean of Students and Title IX officer. Reports are submitted to the Bias Advisory Team (BAT).

Title IX, Harassment, or Discrimination

Please use the forms below if you’d like to report incidents of harassment, discrimination or sexual assault. All reports are sent directly to the Title IX Coordinator to review.



Resources for Students During COVID-19

Please review the SWOSU Coronavirus Update page. For more information specific to students regarding the Coronavirus, please review the Covid-19 Student Guide.

  • Quillsoft has an Extended Access Request form for a trial to use for remote work or online learning. Once you fill out the form, they'll email you with your trial information within 24 hrs. “WordQ takes you beyond a basic spelling and grammar check, and can be used virtually anywhere you type on a computer, online or offline, helping users realize their full potential and gain confidence in their communication and self-expression.” You can request an extended free trial by visiting their website (
  • In an online format, students with Accommodations are still entitled to their accommodations.
  • Please remember that students are expected to speak with their faculty at least 1-week ahead of an exam. Emails and phone calls to your instructor can be an excellent way to communicate with faculty during this time. If you have any physical or health conditions which restrict your ability to email or call faculty, please contact my office so we can assist.
  • Stafford Building has a computer lab that is regularly sanitized and cleaned. Students with limited WiFi access can utilize this lab on campus. Please be mindful of social-distancing and best habits for health and safety.

Internet Access

During this crisis, some students may not have access to consistent internet service. To respond to the needs of those without internet, the Federal Communications Commission has requested that telecommunications and internet service providers throughout the country sign the Keep Americans Connected Pledge.  This pledge can help provide internet service to many Americans without service. OneNet, in collaboration with the Oklahoma Broadband and internet Service Providers, has put together a list of potential resources for Oklahomans without internet. If you are without internet service, please visit OneNet’s website at for resources or contact the Dean of Students office.