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Career Resources for Faculty

Special Events

Office staff members present seminars and workshops on a wide variety of career related issues. Additionally, staff members visit classes and/or student organizations to discuss these topics. If you would like to make arrangements for an on-site speaker, please contact our office at 580.774.3259.

Mock Interviews

We offer assistance with mock interviews. If your academic department is planning a mock interview day, please contact Heather Hummel, coordinator of Career Services, at . Heather can provide your department with guidance on how to design your day for maximum efficiency. Faculty members may also schedule time for Heather to speak to classes on interview protocol and resume design.

Mock Interview Days

Suggested Planning Procedures for Academic Departments

  1. Designate an afternoon (1  3 p.m., depending on department size) for mock interviews.
  2. Reserve classroom space, office space, and/or general meeting areas for the day.
  3. Secure faculty, staff and community members to serve as interviewers for the day. It is suggested that there be two interviewers per candidate.
  4. Work with your academic department to design interview questions. A questionnaire of 8  10 questions is usually appropriate for a 15 – 20 minute interview.
  5. Assign interview times for each candidate. On the day of the interviews, department administrative assistants usually check in students and direct them to the appropriate interview room.
  6. Interviewers are provided with the interview protocol and rating sheet.
  7. Upon conclusion of the interview, students may be excused. Interviewers will tally scores and provide written feedback to the student.
  8. Completed interview sheets will be submitted to the department administrative assistant for dissemination to academic advisors and/or specific course instructor.

Career Fairs

We offer several career fair events throughout the year including:

  • Business Career Fair
  • Education Career & Resource Fair (Fall & Spring)
  • Health Science Careers Fair
  • Majors Fair
  • Parks & Rec Career Fair
  • Summer Camp & Recreation Day
  • Tech Careers Expo

Please encourage your students to attend these events. You are welcome to walk through with your students as well. If you have a company you would like us to include on our mailing list please e-mail us at