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Deadlines for Schedule Changes

ethicspoint_logoDrop Deadlines

Any student who totally withdraws from the University during the defined add/drop period shall receive a 100% refund of the total tuition and fees assessed to that student. A prorated portion of financial aid received for that semester must be repaid immediately.  After the add/drop period, the charge shall be 100% of the total tuition and fees assessed to that student.

Every Title IV aid recipient who enacts a complete withdrawal before the 60% point in a semester will be billed for all money required to be returned to the federal government due to the Return of Title IV Aid policy.  The billing amount will be equal to 40% or more of your tuition and fee charges for the semester.  The formula for aid return is available in the Office of Student Financial Services.

Add Deadlines

Students deciding to add classes must observe the published deadlines. If a student is wanting to add a class after the deadline, the student must meet with his/her advisor and the professor to get approval. Students who add a class after financial aid has been paid and/or refunded will be responsible for the total tuition and fee charge of the added class(es).