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Academic Scholarships

Southwestern Oklahoma State University offers an array of different scholarships based upon students' academic achievements. These are distributed between five basic categories of Oklahoma resident students:

  • New Freshmen
  • Graduate Students
  • Departmental Awards

New Freshmen

All Oklahoma residents who are incoming freshmen and are fully admitted by the March 1st priority deadline will be automatically considered for Freshmen Scholarship awards.  

Additional documents and information is needed only for those students applying for the Regents' Baccalaureate Scholarships (OK residents only) and/or Regents' Academic Scholar Nominee Awards (OK residents or non-resident US citizens). Additional information is available at OKCOLLEGESTART.ORG. These top two prestigious scholarships are awarded to a select group of students (on the Weatherford campus only) who meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Score a minimum of a 30 ACT composite on a national test date.
  2. National Merit Semifinalist or Commended Student.

If you meet one of the criteria above, please complete the additional application
instructions listed below by the March 1 deadline to be considered for these prestigious awards.

  1. Complete the on-line admission application and submit ACT scores, a six- or seven-semester high school transcript and transcripts reflecting any college work completed or currently attempting.
  2. Provide a brief resume, including experiences, honors and high school activities.
  3. Type your response, not to exceed 500 words each, to the two questions below:
    1. Describe the experience which has most influenced your life.
    2. How would a degree from SWOSU assist you in achieving your career goals?

Applicants must be fully admitted to SWOSU and all additional materials should be submitted by March 1 to the following address:


Student Financial Services

100 Campus Drive

Weatherford, OK  73096


The values of our different freshman scholarships are listed below. These may change annually depending upon scholarship funding availability and other institutional factors.

  • Regents' Academic Scholar Nomination
    • $2,000 a year + full tuition waiver each term + room/year (renewable)
  • Regents' Baccalaureate
    • Scholarship $3,000 a year + full tuition waiver each term + room/year (renewable)

Notices are sent out to students who qualify for freshman scholarships in March. Please note that students may only receive one academic honor listed above. Should a student qualify for two categories, the larger value award will be given.

Departmental Awards

Some academic honors are awarded to students based upon scholastic achievement made within a particular department on campus. Scholarships are sometimes awarded by the department chair and/or a committee of professors. These are competitively based. Students must apply for this type of funding by contacting their respective school dean or department chair.