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External Scholarships

Where to send scholarship checks:

Send all scholarship checks for students attending the Weatherford campus to the Office of the Bursar:

Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Office of the Bursar
100 Campus Dr.
Weatherford, OK 73096

Make all scholarship checks payable to SWOSU or SWOSU/student.

What to include with a scholarship check:

Letter from donor with any scholarship stipulations
Student's name
Student's social security number
Dollar value of award and semester for payment
Scholarship donor's name, address, and phone number

When to send scholarship checks:

In order for scholarships to credit a student's account before their charges are due, we recommend that checks be submitted to the Office of the Bursar by these dates:

August 1 for fall semester
December 1 for spring semester
May 1 for summer sessions

Effects of scholarships on other aid:

The receipt of a private scholarship may result in the reduction or repayment of need-based financial assistance previously awarded to the student by Southwestern Oklahoma State University. In accordance with federal regulations, our office is required to monitor whether a student's total financial assistance remains within their financial need-based eligibility. Similar practices are followed with some institutional need-based grants. Whenever possible, self-help awards (loans and work study) are reduced before federal or institutional gift-aid.

Refunds to scholarship donors

Disclosure of a student's cost of attendance and other financial aid

Donors wishing information regarding the student's other awards, estimated cost of attendance, or financial need should ask the student to submit a copy of his/her Financial Aid Award Letter. This standard award letter is available to students through the Office of Student Financial Services.

A student's signed authorization to release confidential information to the donor must be received by the Office of Student Financial Services before any information can be provided to the donor. Verification of actual costs of attendance should be obtained directly from the student.

Confirmation of enrollment

Southwestern Oklahoma State University will provide a confirmation of enrollment at the student's or donor's request, in order to facilitate a scholarship payment.

Evaluation of academic performance

If an evaluation of academic performance is required for subsequent scholarship payments, the student should be asked to request that an official transcript be released from the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Academic Records's Office.