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Scholarship Sources

Students attending Southwestern Oklahoma State University may receive scholarships from several sources as follows:

  • Academic - Awarded by the SWOSU Scholarship Committee
  • Departmental and Athletic - Awarded by various departments on campus
  • Outside Donors - Awarded by outside agencies and organizations

Academic scholarships are awarded to entering Oklahoma resident freshmen based upon their high school grade point average, ACT Composite score and/or class standing. To be included in the freshman scholarship pool, students must be fully admitted by March 1st. Award notices are sent out within three weeks of the deadline date.

Resident and non-resident students interested in transferring to SWOSU should complete the Weatherford Community Scholarship Application by the May 15th deadline prior to attendance in the following fall semester. Applications must be submitted by December 15th for the spring semester. Full academic transcripts from all prior colleges must be on file in the registrar's office by June 15th for the fall awards or January 15th for the spring awards. This application may be completed by any transfer student who graduates with an associate degree and a minimum of a 3.25 cumulative GPA. This award may be applied toward tuition, fees, room, board and/or books at SWOSU.

Institutional Scholarship awards will automatically be credited to the student account as long as the student is enrolled.

Additional scholarships are offered by some departments on campus. These awards are designated for students in particular programs of study, or with particular skills in a discipline. You should contact your department chair's office to confirm whether they offer scholarships that you may qualify for. Some of these are offered in the form of tuition waivers while others may be cash awards.

Many Outside Donors give scholarships awarded by their agencies and organizations for students enrolled at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. SWOSU recognizes and accepts on behalf of our students all funding sources who wish to contribute to the successful development of our excellent student body. You are encouraged to seek out these funding opportunities. Typically, money from outside donors is sent by paper check to the SWOSU Bursar's Office near the start of a term. You may check on the status of this type of funding you may be expecting at the Bursar's Scholarship Clerk office in the Administration Building Room #109.

Should you be awarded a renewable scholarship and later fail to meet the conditions of your renewal, you will have the right to appeal your Scholarship status. Extenuating circumstances need to have existed in order for an appeal to be considered to have possible merit. A student may appeal by writing a detailed explanation / request to:

Director of Student Financial Services
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
100 Campus Drive
Weatherford, OK 73096

All appeals must be in writing and include the student's name, student ID number, telephone number and all the facts and documentation upon which the appeal is based. The SWOSU Scholarship Committee has authority over all appeals and its decisions are final.