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Talent-Based Scholarships

Some scholarship funds are paid to students who demonstrate a particular talent useful for the development of our campus culture. These may include athletic aptitude, demonstrated abilities for the arts, or vocal and instrumental music skills.

Athletics are active on SWOSU's main campus. Outstanding athletic ability is rewarded at SWOSU through a wide range of scholarships. Most are given in the way of tuition scholarships, but some also include room, board and/or books. Students interested in applying for these awards are encouraged to schedule a campus visit in order to meet with a coach. Visits may be arranged by calling the Admissions and Recruitment Office or by contacting the appropriate sport's coach in the SWOSU Athletic Department.

Both the Art Department and Department of Language Arts offer scholarship assistance for some students. Contact should be made to the department chairs directly concerning opportunities for assistance which are available through scholarship awards.

Music scholarships are awarded exclusively by the SWOSU Music Department. Prospective students need to contact the Music Department Chair to schedule an audition and for scholarship consideration. The Music Department allows stacking of their scholarship offers with the academic offers so that you are permitted to use music scholarships as well as academic scholarships up to 18 hours.