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Miscellaneous Scholarships

We encourage you to explore all possibilities for scholarship receipt. SWOSU will recognize and allow you to use all scholarship funding possible that you are approved for which fits within your estimated cost of attendance. Basically, if you earn a scholarship we want you to be able to use it.

Sometimes scholarship money can be found in unexpected places. SWOSU offers scholarships for participation in Pep Band, Cheerleading and the Pom Pon Squad. Contacting the sponsors of these programs could lead to good rewards.

Many employers offer scholarships to their employees' dependents. SWOSU is such an employer, so working here has added benefits. Since many employers nationwide offer such assistance, you should check to see if scholarship opportunities lie waiting for you through your parent's company. It may only take the asking.

It is often announced that countless millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unused annually. Part of this is due to employer benefits that go unclaimed. Others have to do with unusual scholarship funds, which might not be discovered by the masses. Diligently searching out the opportunities for scholarship funding can pay off nicely. Scholarships for dog lovers, left handed students, and for descendents of the American Revolution have been found by students via the internet. Such searching could open doors to you that perhaps you never would have imagined.

Check our links for free scholarship searches available to you today.