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Services and Key Personnel

ITS Services

  • Accounts and Passwords (Single Sign On, UI, etc.)
  • Administrative and Business System (Colleague, Argos, Synoptix, etc)
  • Cybersecurity Awareness
  • Email and Collaboration (Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Information Security (Antivirus Software, Firewalls, Cybersecurity Awareness)
  • Network and Wireless (Wireless Access, VPN, RDP, etc.)
  • Phone and Internet
  • Servers, Backup, and Storage
  • Software (Microsoft Office, Antivirus Software, etc.)

ITS Key Personnel

Name Ext. Title Main Supports Secondary Supports
Brandon Lucas 3280  IT Client Support Specialist Wifi, Projectors, Printer Installation and Maintenance  
Cody Dirickson 3253 IT Technical Support Software, Computer Labs Updates, Installation and Maintenance, PC Inventory, Setting up PC (Laptop/Desktop) Single Sign On Login, Account Credentials, Printer & Projector Installation
Dian Ray 3271 Director Overseeing ITS Operations Colleague Sys Admin, PX, Argos, Canvas
Kandi Yancey 7071 Assistant Director Overseeing Network Operations, New Projects Implementation and Onboarding Colleague Sys Admin and VOIP
Kathy Megli 3204 Helpdesk Specialist Invoice, PO, Requisition, ITS Computer Lab Maintenance, Inventory  
Justin Tate 3263 System Administrator Colleague Administrator and VOIP  
Michael Brinkley 2105 IT Technician Sayre Campus IT Support  
Rene' Mason 3799 Network Administrator Network, Servers, Employee and Student Email mailboxes, O365 Wifi, Aruba
Ryan Henson 3206 Application System Analyst Softdocs Products: Etrieve Forms and Workflow, Content, PX Data Migration, SWIM Database, Colleague Subroutine Argos Reporting, OneCard
Tiffany Thiessen 7070 Helpdesk Specialist Single Sign On Login, Account Credentials, Ellucian Mobile, ITS Videos  
Tyler Henson 3203 Application System Analyst Argos, Synoptix, OneCard, Recruit, CETL Database Softdocs Products: Etrieve Forms and Workflow, Content, PX Data Migration