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Software Request

Procedure on Software Policy Compliance


  1. For Lab software installs please see the following timeline:
    1. Software to be installed for SUMMER or FALL Semester needs to be turned into ITS by: February 1st
    2. Software to be installed for the SPRING semester needs to be turned into ITS by: September 1st
  2. Head to submit Request to the Helpdesk Ticketing System
  3. Vendor to provide HecVAT
  4. Approval from the Department Team Lead
  5. It has been vetted through the Software Inventory that this is a unique item
  6. IT Director to review the request
  7. Executive Compliance Committee (ECC) will review as needed

Approximate Process Timeline for Software Installation and Completion:

  1. ITS Approval process:
    1. HecVAT Timeline: 1 – 3 weeks (Depending on the company)
    2. IT Director Review: (1 week)
      1. Per HecVAT
      2. ITS Projects & Timeline
    3. Software Installation timeline: 2 – 3 weeks
  2. ECC Compliance Committee: Meet monthly