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Preparing Address Data Lists

  • Excel files are preferable but tab delimited files will also be accepted. Keep the list properly formatted and avoid mixing column information.
  • Do not include anything not required for the address block, i.e. student ID, member #, phone, email, etc. Keep all addresses on the same Excel sheet.
  • Do not merge cells.
  • Do not use line breaks within cells.
  • Do not include foreign addresses for permit mailing.
  • Foreign mail requires different postage which requires a separate list. For foreign address guidelines, see below.
  • USPS prefers ALL CAPS, no punctuation (except for hyphenation in address lines) and ZIP+4 codes.

Required Information

Column A

  • Person’s Name
  • First and Last Name OR First Name and Last Name may be put in separate columns

Column B

  • Company or Business Name, if applicable

Column C

  • Primary Deliverable Address
  • Post Office OR Street Address
  • Suite #, Apt #, Bldg #, Room #, if needed, are part of the Primary Deliverable Address

Column D

  • Secondary address unit, only if applicable
  • This may include Records Dept., Accounting, etc. and will appear above the Primary Deliverable Address

Column E

  • City
  • May contain City, State and Zip+4 in one column, eliminating the need for columns F and G
  • If using City, State and Zip format:
    • CITY STATE ZIP+4 - no punctuation, one space between city and state and TWO spaces between state and Zip are required by the USPS

Column F

  • State

Column G

  • Zip+4

required information 1

required information 2

Proper addresses need only be 3 - 5 lines. Examples of a correct address format:

proper addresses

Foreign Addresses

The bottom line of the address should show only the COUNTRY name, written in full (no abbreviations) and preferably in capital letters. Do not place the postal codes (ZIP Codes) of foreign country designations on the last line of the address. Do not underline the COUNTRY name. An example of a correct foreign address follows:

5300 BONN 1

Canada Only

The following address format is used when the postal address delivery zone is included in the address. Use the standard two–character abbreviation for provinces and territories. On mail to Canada, there must be two spaces between the province abbreviation and the postal code, as shown below between “ON” and “K1A 0B1”: