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Guide to Academic Continuity

Southwestern Oklahoma State University will continue in-person learning for Fall 2021.

Faculty members are reminded to check Faculty Commons in Canvas for assistance with the many apps that CETL provides, and best practice tips.

CETL has implemented a new support ticket system to assist faculty with their questions on using Canvas, and the many other apps that CETL offers.  Click the following link to access the form: 

To monitor official campus updates on COVID-19, go to SWOSU’s coronavirus update page.

The following tips are general strategies and procedures in alternative methods of delivery:

  • Communicate early and often: Have a consistent communication strategy to avoid confusion. Tell your students where to locate course information online and provide detailed instructions for assignments, online meetings, and technologies. Use the Canvas Inbox tool and Announcements if your materials are in Canvas.
  • Consider realistic goals for teaching from anywhere: As you think about continuing instruction online, consider what you think you can realistically accomplish. Do you think you can maintain your original syllabus and schedule? Do you hope students will keep up with the reading? Will you have some assignments to add structure and accountability? How will you keep them engaged with the course content?
  • Review your course schedule to determine priorities: Identify your priorities during the disruption — providing lectures, structuring new opportunities for discussion or group work, collecting assignments, etc. What activities are better rescheduled, and what can or must be done online? Give yourself flexibility in that schedule, just in case the situation takes longer to resolve than initially planned.
  • Review your syllabus for points that must change: Make sure that your syllabus is on Canvas and update it with course changes as needed. Communicate if there have been changes to assignments, due dates, and/or course policies.
  • Reset expectations for students: You will have to reconsider some of your expectations for students, including participation, communication, and deadlines. As you think through those changes, keep in mind the impact this situation may have on students' ability to meet those expectations, including illness, lacking power or internet connections, or needing to care for family members. Be ready to handle requests for extensions or accommodations equitably.
  • Reach out for guidance and assistance: The CETL office and other academic support offices on campus can help you with questions related to Canvas, Zoom, and other methods of teaching online.