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Mailroom Policy

Section I


The mailroom receives and processes daily mail for all campus departments.

Section II


Daily Mail

Mail is delivered to SWOSU mailroom by the U.S. Post Office at approximately 10:00a.m. Monday-Friday. The mailroom then will sort and put all the mail in the departments mailbox. Federal Express, UPS, and DHL deliver at different times throughout the day.

When sending mail through the campus mailroom, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, 100 Campus Drive, Weatherford, OK 73096-3098 must be in the return address. Please make sure that the DEPARTMENT number is printed in the return address on ALL mail. This is also needed on all manila envelopes and packages. If you are not sure about the correct number please contact the mailroom for assistance. It is by this number that the mailroom personnel know which department to charge the postage to.

When mail is brought to the mailroom, please group and band pieces of like matter together. Foreign mail should have a paper clip or a post-it-note attached. Outgoing mail needs to be in the mailroom by early afternoon to be processed that day. The U.S. Post Office picks up the mail at irregular times in the afternoon.

When you have new envelopes or mailing labels printed at the University Press, please visit with Bonnie, at the mailroom, to verify the correct department number. This applies to Business Reply and Postage Prepaid envelopes as well as regular mailing envelopes.

When addressing outgoing mail, please type or use computer labels when possible to speed delivery. Mail addressed by hand will be processed manually at the Post Office, thereby slowing down delivery. Any special mailing notes should all be marked, otherwise, First Class Rates will be charged.

If a Third Class bulk mailing of 200 or more pieces of identical size and weight is being planned, the mail room has specific guidelines that help save in postage, you contact mail services for instructions, forms, and supplies for a permit mailing.

Personal mail is accepted to be mailed from the mailroom but only if postage is applied. It is illegal for personal mail to be posted through the University Postage Machine. The mailroom does sell stamps for your convenience.

Packages and letters that are shipped via Federal Express, UPS, or DHL should be brought to the mail room as early as possible in the day to make sure that they go out the same day.

Packages that are being returned to a company prepaid will be issued a Call Tag that the company. The department needs to notify the company that they will need a Call Tag issued. That package will then be picked up at the mailroom for return delivery.

When purchasing anything from an outside vendor please make sure that they mark the package with the name of the person ordering it or the department. This will help us in delivering of the package.

Interoffice mail needs to have the department and the name of the person receiving the mail clearly marked on the face of the mail. The University employs over 500 people and it is difficult to remember which department everyone is in. Please help us in this matter.

The mail room personnel are here to help you with any of your questions and we encourage you to call us at any time at extension 3010. With the help of all departments, we are striving for better mail service to our campus.