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Other Payments Policy

Section I


To ensure the control and collection of other payments.

Section II


  1. Parking fines
    Parking tickets are given by Campus Police Officers. All unpaid tickets will be entered on the student's account within 24 hours and a "hold" will be placed on the account.
  2. Billing to Outside Businesses or Persons
    Departments who provide a service to an individual, group, or business outside the University will provide the necessary information to the Business Services office for invoicing of that service. The Business Services/Bursar's Office will track issuance and payment of all invoices by using a sequential numbering system. All bills are payable at the Bursar's Office.
  3. Financial Aid Repayments
    The Financial Aid Office informs the Bursar's Office if a student owes funds back to the University. The Bursar's Office will then send a letter to the student informing them of their repayment. When the student repays, a receipt is sent to the Financial Aid Office so the student can begin receiving financial aid.
  4. Any other departments turning in funds are required to complete a check-up sheet to verify the money counted.