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Precautions and Special Information

Holds Overloads

All financial obligations must be cleared through the Business Office prior to enrollment. All other holds ("Admission", etc.) must also be cleared prior to enrollment.
An undergraduate student will be allowed to enroll in an overload only with the approval and signature of the Provost or his/her designee in the specified place on the enrollment schedule. A graduate student who wishes to enroll in an overload must have the written approval from the Graduate Dean. An overload is defined as an Undergraduate (Fall or Spring) with 20 or more hours or a graduate (Fall or Spring) with 17 or more hours.
Teacher Education Courses Teacher Ed Professional Semester Courses
Students may enroll in "Department of Education only" courses after admission requirements are complete. Students who have been admitted to the Department of Education and have allowed their GPA to fall below 2.50 will be prevented from enrolling in these courses. The only exception will be those students with special permission from the Chair of the Department of Education. (A list of restricted courses is available in the Office of the Chair of the Department of Education, HEC-102). (Mini-Block and Student Teaching) In addition to the Teacher Education admission requirement, students may enroll in the Professional Semester courses only after submitting an application for Student Teaching and obtaining a signature from the Department of Education on the enrollment schedule. The space provided for "Special Approval" should be used for this signature.
Professional Nursing Courses Professional Pharmacy Courses
Students may enroll in a restricted Professional Nursing course only after obtaining the signature of an approved nursing advisor on the enrollment schedule in the space provided for "Special Approval." Students may enroll in restricted Professional Pharmacy courses only after admission to the College of Pharmacy or with a special permit form from the Dean of the College of Pharmacy.
Graduate Credit Four-year Degree Plan
Students wishing to pursue a master’s degree must be admitted into a master’s degree program before enrolling beyond nine graduate hours. Only nine hours from another university or taken from Southwestern before being admitted to a degree program may transfer into the degree program. Students seeking certification or taking graduate credit with no intention of seeking a master’s degree must submit credentials and be admitted to graduate school before enrolling in coursework past nine graduate credit hours SWOSU offers many educational programs resulting in BS/BA degrees designed to be completed in four years. The "SWOSU Four-Year Degree Plan" is designed as an agreement between the first time freshman and the University specifying the conditions that must be met for progression toward completion of a BS/BA degree in four years. During the first semester of the freshman year, the student and his/her advisor will design the student's tentative "SWOSU Four-Year Degree Plan." The student must make an appointment each semester with the advisor to review the plan and evaluate the progress.
Individual Studies Oklahoma Scholar-leadership Enrichment Program

If a student is enrolling in an Individual Study by arrangement with an instructor, s/he must complete an Individual Study form obtained from the appropriate Department Head during advisement. The Individual Study form should be sent to the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee before final enrollment processing in the Enrollment Room (HAB-106).
(OSLEP) Southwestern participates in the Oklahoma SLEP program. Sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students with a 3.0 or higher grade-point average may apply and receive two or three credits for the OSLEP seminar. Contact Dr. John Hayden (580.774.7072) for information and application materials.
Interactive Video Online Enrollment
Classes are conducted via two-way audio/video by SWOSU Faculty for students on Weatherford and Sayre campuses and various other Western Oklahoma locations.  Students will attend all classes on their home campus.  Students may be required to travel to the Weatherford campus for final examinations.  Interactive Video classes are identified in the course listings. Online enrollment is available to eligible students on assigned enrollment dates through Self Service. Online enrollment is only available to students who have completed at least 60 credit hours and one semester at SWOSU.