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Advisor Assignments

College of Arts & Sciences
Art, Communication & Theatre
(Includes Theatre, Speech, Journalism)
Dr. Lisa Boyles ART 222 580.774.3241
Biological Sciences
(Includes Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet,
Pre-Physical Therapy, Natural Science Education)
Dr. Rickey Cothran SCI 214-B 580.774.3096
Medical Laboratory Science Dr. Eric Paul SCI 325 580.774.3228
Chemistry and Physics
(Chemistry includes Natural Science Education, Physics includes
Architecture, Electronics, Meteorology, Geology, Astronomy,
Pre-Engineering, Engineering)
Dr. Tim Hubin CPP 204-B 580.774.3026
Interdisciplinary Studies Dr. Jason Johnson SCI 210-B 580.774.7152
Language and Literature
(Includes English, Foreign Language, Religion, Philosophy)
Dr. Denise Landrum-Geyer CAM 202 580.774.3240
Mathematics Dr. Thomas McNamara CAM 302 580.774.3748
Music Dr. Shelley Martison FAC 100-A 580.774.3217
Social Sciences
(Includes Criminal Justice, History, Pre-Law, Political Science)
Dr. Becky Bruce SCI 201-A 580.774.7134
College of Pharmacy
  Lyanna Schultz CPP 306-A 580.774.3127
College of Professional & Graduate Studies
School of Behavioral Sciences & Education Dr. Chad Kinder HEC121 580.774.3291
Education Dr. Ed Klein HEC 101 580.774.3285
Kinesiology Bo Pagliasotti HPE 10 580.774.7089
Parks & Recreation Management Ryan Haggard EDU 123 580.774.7191
Psychology Dr. Randy Barnett PAR 233 580.774.6051
School of Business and Technology Dr. Patsy Parker STF 334 580.774.3282
Business & Computer Science Erin Hawkins STF 334 580.774.3282
Engineering Technology (Includes Technology Education,
Electronics, Drafting, Construction, Manufacturing)
Cindi Albrightson TSB 102 580.774.3165
Department of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences
Athletic Training Bo Pagliasotti HPE 10 580.774.7089
Health Care Administration Dana Lloyd SCI 202-B 580.774.7149
Health Information Management Dana Lloyd SCI 202-B 580.774.7149
Health Science Dr. Sharon Lawrence SCI 206-B 580.774.6917
Nursing Angela Gore PAR 124-A 580.774.3261
Undeclared Undergraduate (Weatherford)
College of Arts & Sciences Dr. Jason Johnson SCI 210-B 580.774.7152
College of Professional & Graduate Studies Dr. Chad Kinder HEC 105 580.774.3291
Academic Support Center Dr. Wendy Yoder STF-257 580.774.6037
College of Associate and Applied Programs
Medical Laboratory Technician Michael Baker STF-306 580.774.3193
Radiologic Technology Christoper Stufflebean BBB-116 580.774.3192
General Business Erin Hawkins STF-334 580.774.3282
Pre-Nursing Angela Gore PAR-124-A 580.774.3261
Computer Science Dr. Patsy Parker STF-334 580.774.3282
Criminal Justice Dr. Becky Bruce SCI-201-A 580.774.7134
Physical Therapist Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant Dr. Sharon Lawrence SCI-206-B 580.774.6917