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Advisor Assignment Procedures

Weatherford Campus

  1. Entering Freshmen who have selected a major:
    1. Students are directed to the department of their choice during a New Student Orientation Session.
    2. The department designee directs those students an appropriate advisor based on their major.
      1. Upon completion of the schedule construction process, the faculty member assisting the student retains the advisement folder and provides the student with the name, office number, email address, and phone number of his/her advisor, if they are not going to be the student’s assigned advisor.  The faculty member then assures that the folder is forwarded to the assigned advisor, if applicable.
      2. The faculty member enrolling the student during New Student Orientation is responsible for assigning the appropriate advisor code to the student’s record in MySWOSU.
  2. Entering Freshmen who have not decided upon a major:
    1. Undecided students will be advised through the Academic Support Center in Stafford 250. Students will be reassigned a faculty advisor when they have selected a major and cleared any subject deficiencies with the appropriate course or Computerized Placement Test (CPT).
  3. The student is directed to an academic department of his/her interest, normally by the Academic Records’s Office or the Admissions and Recruitment Office if the student schedules a campus visit.

Sayre Remote Location

  1. Entering Freshmen who have selected General Studies or Undecided as a major are:
    1. provided counseling for initial enrollment by the Counselor.
    2. randomly assigned an advisor by the Academic Records’s Office and provided with the name of his/her advisor.
  2. Entering Freshmen who have selected a specific field of study as a major:
    1. The Academic Records’s Office assigns an advisor.
    2. Students meet with the advisor (if available) in that particular field of study or the Counselor for initial enrollment.