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Nine Credit-Hour Rule

  • Transfer Students Without Appropriate Academic Credentials
  • Special Non-Degree Seeking Students
  • Transfer Credit Only Students

Students who wish to enroll in courses without intending to pursue a degree may be permitted to enroll in no more than nine credit hours without submitting academic credentials or meeting the academic curricular or performance requirements of the institution of desired entry.*  Retention standards will be enforced.  Once a student has successfully completed the designated number of hours, should s/he wish to enroll in additional course work, s/he is required to meet the formal admission or transfer criteria for the institution of desired entry.  (This provision is not intended to be limited to first-time-entering students only.)

The president or his/her designee may allow non-degree seeking students to exceed this initial nine credit-hour limit on an individual student basis.  Such exceptions may be made for non-degree-seeking students only who meet the retention standards and must be appropriately documented and reported to the State Regents annually.

Policies and Procedures
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
State System Coordination
Policy Date: 6/30/04

*   Non-degree seeking students are required to complete computer placement testing prior to enrolling in English, math, reading and science courses.