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Alternative Admission

Individuals who meet curricular requirements but do not qualify for admission on performance criteria (e.g. ACT score or high school GPA and class rank) may be eligible for admission through the alternative admission category.  Applicants admitted in the alternative category must present evidence that they have a reasonable chance for academic success.  Other criteria for admission include unusual talent/ability (e.g. art, music, drama) or a disadvantaged educational and/or economic background.  Admission in this category is limited. Contact the Admissions and Recruitment Office for additional information.

Individuals who meet performance requirements may satisfy a maximum of two course deficiencies in the summer term prior to the regular semester of desired entry.  The student must successfully complete deficiency courses during the first 24 hours; however, students that have not completed required deficiency courses within the first 24 hours may be eligible for further enrollment in cases where s(he) is enrolled in the necessary courses that are required to remove deficiencies.

Adult students (21 years and older) who do not meet regular admission requirements may be admitted under adult admission criteria. The ACT or other entry level assessment will be required for placement in classes.

GSTDY 1441 College Success Course

College Success is designed to enhance students' skills in becoming successful college students.  The course will address topics including time management, learning styles, note taking, test taking, reading skills, etc.  The course is required for all students who do not meet the State Regent’s requirements for admission to a regional university and for all students returning from suspension. It is highly recommended for students desiring to improve skills needed for academic success.