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Credit for Remedial & Activity Courses

Remedial Courses

0123 Fundamentals of English
0132 Composition I Support
0124 Basic Algebra
0162 College Algebra Support
0174 Prep for College Math
0182 Math Concepts Support
0192 Math Applications Support
0122 Improvement of Reading (Weatherford)
0123 Improvement of Reading (Sayre)
1441 College Success

  1. Remedial course credit counts toward full time student status for financial aid, tuition waivers, athletic eligibility, etc.
  2. Remedial course credit does NOT count toward grade point average or toward degree requirements.

Physical Education Activity Courses

Archery, Bowling, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, etc.

  1. Credit for activity courses counts (up to four semester hours) toward total number of hours required for degrees.
  2. Credit for activity courses is NOT part of the grade point average computation.