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Accounting Functions


To outline the duties and responsibilities that Business Services personnel follow to provide services to the University. The Office of Business Services is responsible for Accounting Services, Bursar, Payroll, Post Award Accounting, Purchasing, PBX and Mail Services. Reporting to the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the departments comprising the entire Business Services function perform a key role in institutional financial management and planning.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Develop, coordinate and maintain an integrated system of financial and several staff services including accounting and management of financial reporting.
  2. Exercise effective control over the financial resources of the University.
  3. Coordinate and synthesize financial and management data to interpret the composite financial results of operations for all levels of the University.
  4. Advise on developing, coordinating, and carrying out financial policies, procedures, and plans.
  5. Analyze, evaluate and report on program accomplishments in financial terms.
  6. Advise and assist executive management by providing financial management information as required to make managerial decision, and establish organizational goals and objectives.

Accounts Payable Staff

Requisition review is required on all traditionally encumbered items, such as supplies, materials and equipment, professional and personal service contracts, and maintenance contracts. The requisition entry process involves the entry of a requisition submitted by the department in advance that is coded, reviewed and entered for budgetary review. During this process, the AFP assignment is made if required and the balance of assigned AFP is reviewed. Items exceeding the BOROC bid requirements are processed as individual purchase order items and are entered as requisitions. Purchases that are non-encumbered items are either assigned a yearly requisition for reference and encumbrance, or pay on the basis of an AFP that is assigned during the early part of the budget process.

Requisition approval is divided into three levels of managerial review. Budget managers have approval authority up to $500 for purchases that meet the OSRHE petty cash guidelines. These items are subject to post-purchase review during disbursement approval. The next level of review includes budget manager approval as well as approval by the Purchasing Coordinator. This review is generally done for all items up to the University's quote level of $2,500. The final level of review is accomplished by the Director of Business Services and includes all items over the quote level and any other transaction that the Purchasing Coordinator deems necessary.