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Budget Changes Policy

Section I


Provide budget managers the opportunity to make budget adjustments if needed and approved by the Business Office.

Section II


Budgets are established for departments at the start of each fiscal year. In certain circumstances, the budget for a particular category may be modified; such circumstances include, but are not limited to, preventing over-expenditures, meeting unusual events, and others.

As in the past, you may transfer among the following line items without prior approval: Travel, Supplies and Other Operating Expenses, and Equipment. These requests should be sent directly to Tom Fagan, Director of Business Services and Comptroller in the Business Office.

You may request to transfer to or from student wages or professional services. This requires vice-presidential approval. If approved by the appropriate vice-president, the approved request will be forwarded to Tom Fagan.

Transfers to or from salaries and wages, non-student, and fringe benefits are not allowed without approval of the University President. These requests must follow normal approval channels. If approved, the approved requests will be forwarded to Tom Fagan.

Any request that is not approved will be returned through proper channels to the requesting budget unit.

All budget changes must be approved by the relevant budget manager and then submitted to the Director of Business Services. Any request in excess of ten percent (10%) must be approved by the Executive Vice President.

Budget changes should be submitted prior to the event necessitating the change. Revised budgets are reflected on the Department Budget Reports and the Department Detail Reports that the budget manager has on-line access to through the GLINQUIRY Screen. See Budget Transfer Request Form

Revised 4/99