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Employees Health and Safety Policy

Section I


Protecting the health and safety of all its employees is a priority of the University's Safety Office. In direct relation to this concern, a program has been implemented to better understand the causes of injury in the work place. It is the intention of this program to prevent unnecessary accidents and ensuing injuries.

Section II


The following procedure is mandatory following injurious occurrences:

  1. The Public Safety office should be notified immediately.
  2. A detailed investigation of the accident will be conducted.
  3. The supervisor of the injured employee will assist in the investigation.
  4. Proper forms will be filled out by the supervisor, the investigator, and when able, the injured employee.

Following the accident investigation, the department chair, the supervisor, and the investigator will decide changes in policy to prevent future accidents of the same type.

Your cooperation in this program will not only be appreciated by this office, but by the University employees this program was designed to protect.