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Service Department Billing Policy

Section I


To provide guidelines to be followed each month for service departments turning in billing reports.

Section II


Costs for using copy machines, postage, printing, University vehicles, and other central services are charged automatically to "travel accounts" or "operating accounts" at the end of each month.

Questions or problems regarding the account number to which a service department charge is made should be directed to the Assistant Controller of Business Services at extension 3016. Questions concerning the amount of charges, supporting detail, or the service itself should be directed to the department providing the service.

It is important that departments anticipate charges that are made for the final months of the fiscal year (May and June) to be sure that sufficient funds are available to cover them. Service departments are responsible for maintenance of data detail supporting their charges.

Departments Providing Services and Responsible for Supporting Detail

Mail room supplies detail
Postage detail
Vehicle and Gasoline usage detail
Physical Plant
Monthly telephone detail
Telecommunication Coordinator
Long distance telephone detail
Bursar's Office or Telecom. Coordinator
Copy charges detail (Administration Bldg.)
Administrative Assistant to EVP
Copy charges detail (other than Admin Bldg.)
Auxiliary Services
Printing charges detail
University Press
Meal charges detail
Auxiliary Services
Quarterly administrative fee costs detail
Asst. Director of Business Services
Annual phone line expense detail
Asst. Director of Business Services