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Externally Funded Programs

Use of Small Orders Policy

The use of small orders as delineated in the small order purchasing system established by the Business Office is a privilege granted to account managers by the President of the University. Checks and balances exist to ensure compliance with Oklahoma statutes, Office of State Finance rules and regulations, Board policies, and University policies. The goal of the small order system is to allow greater efficiency to the account managers, yet still comply with existing rules and regulations.

All account managers, including those for grants, contracts, cooperative agreements or camps, are afforded the opportunity to utilize the small order system. The use of the small order system by account managers for grants, contracts, cooperative agreements or camps is subject to certain conditions. The reason for these conditions is that the University is ultimately responsible for all financial expenditures of grants, contracts, cooperative agreements and camps, as well as the standard educational and general functions. The conditions are as follows:

  1. Account managers will sign an acknowledgment form regarding program and budget responsibilities.
  2. A copy of each small order issued by an account manager must be forwarded to the Business Office within three (3) working days of issuance.

Other comments:

Because of the authority granted to account managers, post audit of expenditures will become more important. Therefore, it is very important that account managers make every effort to commit funds in accordance with the provisions of any grant, contract, or cooperative agreement as well as other University policies and procedures. If this is done, the University will provide adequate resources to clear disallowed costs that may arise due to clear judgmental errors and not willful disregard of such provisions, rules, policies or procedures.

Account Manager Acknowledgement Form (PDF)