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Student Meals Policy

Section I


To outline procedures for student meals provided by University student organizations. Cash, in amounts not greater than the state per diem limit or the approved budget, whichever is less, will be advanced to students by the sponsor. In order to meet our reporting requirements on student meals during travel status or on campus, we have established the following standards.

Section II


  • Meals that are documented by receipts require no listing of the individuals, except grants that require the listing (i.e., Upward Bound)
  • Trips that are financed on a per diem basis require a student listing and student signature (i.e., money given directly to students for meals and expenses)
  • On campus meals served to students or student groups must be documented as to the purpose of the meal and list the group or student name.

The form "SWOSU Student Travel Report" needs to be completely filled out and returned to the Business Office for reimbursements, for documentation purposes. Please provide the student's name, signature, sponsor's signature, and the date for which the money was advanced.

Revised August, 2004