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Small Order System Policy

Section I


The small order is designed to allow individual departments the authority to purchase items costing less than $2,500 without prior approval of the Business Office. Use of the card is encouraged for all qualifying purchases.

Section II


Small orders may be used to purchase items that do not exceed $2,500, including shipping charges (some departments may be granted higher limits by the Executive Vice President or Comptroller). Expenditures may not be for personal services, travel, professional services, or postage. (Refer to Prohibited or Restricted Expenditures on Small Orders Policy). The purchase card may be used to pay for small order items, including internal purchases such as the University Press, refer to the Purchasing Card policy for more information.

If purchases to a single vendor exceed the small purchase order amount within a 30 day window, a large purchase order is required. This is considered “splitting a purchase to avoid the large purchase order requirement.”

After the goods or services are received, the original copy of the invoice should be forwarded directly to the Business Office. The following requirements are set forth:

  • All extensions and footings must be checked.
  • The invoice total should be circled in red ink.
  • Vendor name and address should be legible.
  • The following information must be legibly noted, preferably in red ink, on the front of the invoice:
    • Invoices must have, as a reference number, a purchase number from your assigned number series.
    • Invoice must contain the 16-digit account code and Federal Employer Identification number (FEI) of the vendor, if not already on file in the Business Office.
    • The invoice must be signed by an authorized full-time employee (Budget manager or secretary). No student employee signatures will be authorized.