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Purchasing Procedures Policy

Section I


The purpose of this publication is to establish a procedure to be followed in purchasing and procuring materials, services, and equipment by/for Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford, Oklahoma.

Section II



The intent of these procedures is to insure that all purchases are made in the most effective and efficient manner possible. University purchasing agents will use the Department of Central Services, local bids, and negotiation with possible vendors. University procedures will necessitate early anticipation of needs in order not to delay acquisition. Certain administrative procedures must be accomplished prior to making a purchase. These procedures must be followed by all personnel and no funds will be obligated prior to official approval. Budget administrators who have not received the file copies of their requisitions by the fifth working day after delivery to the Business Office should contact the Purchasing Coordinator.

No major purchases from departmental budgets will be made after June 10 each year unless considered to be of an emergency nature.

Use of State Central Purchasing

The use of state-wide contract is encouraged but is not mandatory.

Obtaining Bids or Quotes

Except for ASA operations, it is the policy of the University to obtain multiple quotes for single purchases between $10,000 and $50,000 and bids may be required by the VPAF. Agency Special Account purchases will be made according to board policy.

Requisitions may not be split in order to decrease the amount of purchase to an amount small enough to fit into one of the previously stated categories. This practice is prohibited by state law and is a felony when done to evade the bidding process.

It is the responsibility of the user department to include a complete list of specifications for the item(s) desired on a requisition. These specifications shall state color, size, electrical voltage, and any other items peculiar to the supply or equipment desired. The user must be able to describe the item in such a way as to the quality desired. The University purchasing agent will assist the user department in developing the specifications for bid items as needed, and the University purchasing agent is authorized to select the best and most appropriate vendor. Budget administrators will be consulted in questionable cases.

Upon receipt by the Business Office, all bid responses will be stamped with the date and time of submission. Bid tabulation sheets will include verifying proof of the attached affidavit and the original affidavit will remain in the Business Office. The normal routine for bids will be to call for their return at 5:00 p.m. on the day of closing and to open all bids at 9:00 a.m. the following day.

Procurement Through State Surplus Property

The Oklahoma State Surplus Property Office is a source of supplies and equipment released by the military services and other state agencies. The use of this office is encouraged in obtaining available items needed by departments of the University. Those items can be purchased at a substantial savings.

The Office of State Surplus Property has been informed that the individuals making the purchase will have written authorization from the University purchasing agent to authorize the purchase.

Claims Against Vendors

If any item received from a vendor is questionable as to quality or quantity, the budget administrator should inform the University purchasing agent immediately so that appropriate action can be taken.

Requisition Submission

Any expenditure in excess of $25,000 of the University funds or Federal Program funds being administered by the University must be presented to the Governing Board prior to entering into an agreement with a vendor. The following procedure is to be followed in requesting supplies and equipment:

  1. All personnel who have a need for an item must present a request to the department chairperson or budget administrator.
  2. If approved by the budget administrator, a requisition is to be prepared on the proper form giving all required information, including cost. If the exact cost is not known, an estimated total cost should be entered on the requisition and so noted as an estimate. The requisition is to be typed and double spaced. The requisition form is a dual purpose form which may be used as the official purchase order. Therefore, it should be neatly typed. All requisitions MUST be signed by the budget administrator, their designee or the purchasing staff. This is most important due to departmental budget limitations.
  3. Two copies of the completed requisitions (an original, and a carbon copy) should be delivered to the Business Office. A copy will be returned to the Budget Administrator after action has been taken.
  4. Incoming requisitions will be reviewed for completeness.
  5. In cases where funds are not available, budget administrators will be notified. Budget Administrators should check with the Business Office if it is believed an error exists. If records are correct, no purchase will be authorized until additional funds have been allocated. Purchase orders will not be validated by the Business Office until funds are available or until otherwise approved.
  6. The University purchasing agent will determine the proper method to make the purchase and complete the order. Southwestern Oklahoma State University employees are not authorized to make expenditure commitments of over $2,500 prior to purchasing authorization. Invoices will not be paid without proper authorization.
  7. Telephone calls or letters to vendors, made by or authorized by budget administrators, should specify that no shipment is to be made until a purchase order is issued.
  8. When a purchase order is furnished to the vendor, the materials or equipment may be procured. Except for small order purchases, NO PURCHASE IS AUTHORIZED WITHOUT A PURCHASE ORDER PROPERLY VALIDATED BY THE BUSINESS OFFICE. Emergency telephone orders may be granted by the University purchasing agent if deemed appropriate. The University purchasing agent will determine whether written orders must be processed in order to comply with proper funding requirements.
  9. Due to the specialized nature of library purchases, an exemption from prior encumbrance is granted to the library for the purchase of books and subscriptions. However, budgetary control is still exercised via blanket orders.

Purchases for Federal Programs

Administrators of federally supported programs sponsored by Southwestern Oklahoma State University shall abide by the same regulations as University departments. Program directors are directly responsible for proper expenditure of funds as authorized in the approved budget and permitted in the program regulations and guidelines. Purchasing procedures for federal programs will be the same as those of the University and/or any other compliance directives pertaining to the specific programs. Please contact the University Grant Accountant for further information.

Purchase of Agency Programs - Fund 1665A

Purchases of supplies, materials, equipment, and contract services for programs budgeted in Agency Special Accounts (ASA) will be made in accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges.


After the materials or equipment have been received, the vendor should forward an original invoice to the Business Office. When invoices have been received, the following action will be taken:

  1. The invoices will be checked to ascertain that the date of the invoice is not prior to the date of the purchase or authorization order. Purchases made prior to issuance of a purchase or authority order are prohibited. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Purchasing Agent.
  2. The invoice will be compared with the purchase order to see that the items billed were actually requested.
  3. Budget administrators will be given a written notice to come to the Business Office to approve invoices. They will certify receipt by signing by the received stamp on the invoice. The budget administrator's signature on the received stamp will verify that the item(s) have been received as shown on the invoice, that the item(s) are satisfactory, and that payment may be made. In the absence of the appropriate administrator, the authorized full-time University personnel may approve the invoices for payment.

Physical Requirements

Prior to any purchase of equipment that may require space modification or electrical service that may exceed the present service, the physical plant director shall be contacted to ensure that any required changes can be made.

Revised 7/2020