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Typewriter or Office Machine Maintenance or Rental Policy

Section I


To coordinate maintenance and rental agreements between University departments and outside vendors.

Section II


Service contracts for continued maintenance or rental and repair of equipment contracts are available through the Business Office. Contracts are generally renewable each July 1, although equipment may be added or deleted at any time throughout the year. An encumbrance is made to the departmental budget once a year for total maintenance or rental contract costs for that department. It is important that departments notify the Purchasing Coordinator of changes in office equipment contracts. Requests for termination of maintenance or rental contract on a particular piece of equipment or the addition of equipment following expiration of warranty are good examples. Surplus supplies and unused office machines should be listed for inclusion in the next "Quest" distributed by the Director of Business Services for possible transfer.

Questions on equipment maintenance or rental and/or changes should be referred to the Purchasing Coordinator at extension 3015.