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Prohibited or Restricted Expenditures on Small Orders Policy

Section I


To provide a list of prohibited or restricted expenditures on small orders.

Section II


The following is a list of expenditures that are prohibited [P] or restricted [R] on small orders, (Restricted means the purchase must be requested on a large purchase order and approved by the Business Office):

  • [P] Alcoholic beverages
  • [P] Cash advances
  • [R] Construction and renovation of space other than Physical Plant and Residence Life
  • [R] Controlled substances (other than for Pharmacy lab supplies)
  • [P] Direct payment for meals or lodging (other than as part of a registration package)
  • [R] Direct payment for airfare
  • [R] Food (other than for Child Development Lab, other lab supplies, or approved grants)
  • [R] Motor vehicle fuel
  • [R] Hazardous products (other than for lab supplies, cleaning & maintenance supplies)
  • [P] Hospitality or entertainment
  • [R] Gifts and/or employee awards
  • [R] Maintenance agreements (including software) $500.00
  • [R] Memberships
  • [P] Payments of scholarships, stipends, or honorariums
  • [P] Personal items
  • [P] Personal and professional service contracts
  • [P] Postage
  • [P] Purchase involving trade-in of University property
  • [P] Radioactive materials
  • [P] Reimbursement to public school for substitute teacher's pay
  • [R] Rentals - $500
  • [P] Telephone services
  • [R] Term contracts for items or services - $500
  • [P] Travel reimbursement
  • [P] Utilities
  • [R] Weapons/ammunition (other than for Department of Public Safety)
  • [P] Any expenditure that endorses any religious holiday (i.e., Christmas cards, etc.)

Note: Restricted indicates that approval is normally given on a department by department basis.

Revised 3/11